What lies beneath?

Below are interviews with interesting people about a single interesting thing – mustaches. To help celebrate the month of Movember  we are talking with folks from television, movies and sports, wringing out their most intimate thoughts about lip-ticklers and crumb-catchers.

Listen to your favorites, share with your friends maybe even post a comment.  But if you like what you hear (and you’d have to be a bare-faced golem not to) why not donate a couple of bucks to the cause? You’ll be helping prostate cancer research and encouraging the upperlipblip to keep the interviews coming.


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These interviews are great, but…

I hope you are enjoying the celebrity interviews here on the Upperlip Blip – we’ll be adding some more fun interviews with notable people throughout the month.  The purpose of this blog and these podcasts is to raise money for Movember – as a survivor of testicular cancer I am a big supporter of their efforts to destroy men’s cancer.  I vehemently – yet politely – ask that you donate something if you listen. A dollar!  Five dollars! $21.75!  Any amount is appreciated and for a good cause.


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Stephanie Courtney thinks you’re a mammal

Just because you see her every time you turn on the TV doesn’t mean you know her opinions about moustaches.  Stephanie Courtney -Progressive Insurance’s “Flo” – shares her disappointment in the mo’s evolution from dashing to tragically hip, outlines a new style that will require eye-liner and details why having a cat and a soup strainer are in your best interest.

Listen here: Stephanie Courtney


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Eric Stonestreet has a moustache backstory

You don’t win two Emmy’s for Best Supporting Actor by NOT developing your moustache’s backstory.  Modern Family’s Cameron Tucker drops serious hairy-lip knowledge on us including some Civil War grooming habits and a description of The Stonestrip – his new ‘stache style. All delivered with the panache and mo-vado™ of a true gentleman.

Listen here: Eric Stonestreet


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Sarah Baker wants a Secret Stash

Sarah Baker (NBC’s Go On and The Campaign) delves into her childhood mustache traumas and reveals a Hollywood mustache secret that will rock your world.  Not only that, she presents an interstellar hypothesis about the origin of soup strainers that will get you thinking.

Listen Here: Sarah Baker Interview


(INTERVIEWERS NOTE: The philtrum is the medical name of the cleft under the nose, not the frenulum as mentioned.  Now we can all relax!)

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Melissa McCarthy talks face-to-face about John Fogerty’s nacho cheese problem

Mike and Molly, Bridesmaids, Saturday Night Live? None of these can prepare you for Melissa McCarthy live and uncut. In this hard hitting interview, MM dishes about Lewis and Clark’s sacrifice, the perfect lip-tickler for Robert Downey Jr. and the hazards of acting against mustaches. The interview takes place in my office with all accompanying interruptions – you are warned!

Listen Here: Melissa McCarthy Interview


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Octavia Spencer needs a moment after discussing Blair Underwood’s mustache

The super-talented Octavia Spencer joins the Upperlipblip as our first woman interview and she has something to say about ‘staches. The star of The Help educates about The Touche, your sperm count and names the mustache to beat in the new millenia.

Listen Here: Octavia Spencer Interview


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A mustache is good…

…but a donation is even better!  The interviews here on upperlipblip are provided gratis but a donation to support prostate cancer research wouldn’t hurt our feelings. Click any of the abundant links on the site to support the cause, you’ll feel Mo better.


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